There are 6 elected Trustees and 1 Trustee representing the settlor.

Trustees have a 2 year rotation so each year three trustees are required to retire but are eligible for re-election.

The Current Trustees are:

CHAIRPERSON: Steven Earwaker
SECRETARY/TREASURER:   Stephanie Dryland (Non Trustee)
  Treve Kunzli
  Elizabeth Mackay-Cotter
  Steven Earwaker
  Graeme Stubbing
  Barb Stubbs
SETTLOR’S TRUSTEE   Blair MacFarlane


Retiring by rotation in 2021:

Julie Earwaker, Treve Kunzli, and Barb Stubbs

Julie Earwaker, Treve Kunzli, and Barb Stubbs will stand for re-election

Election of Trustees:

Any person 18 years and over, residing in the Dairy Flat area may nominate a Trustee. Any person over the age of 18 can stand for election.  Any nomination must be signed by the nominee and the nominator